pipe robox


For us, innovation does not stop at product development.
It really starts with the delivery of your pipe robotics equipment. We are also your reliable partner in the after sales!
With the pipe robox we revolutionize service and repair logistics and are the only provider in the industry to offer you the option of staying operational 365 days a year!
No matter how extensive the damage, no matter how costly the repair - you are fully operational again within a few hours!

For us, innovation does not stop at product development.
With the pipe robox revolutionieren wir die Servicierungs- und Reparaturlogistik.
No matter how extensive the damage, no matter how costly the repair - you are fully operational again within a few hours!

Only we can!

From the very beginning, we have thought one step ahead and developed our products in a modular way. The equipment in the e-Components series consists of compact modules that can be replaced in a matter of minutes in the event of damage or routine servicing.
You immediately receive a replacement module and continue working, we take care of the rest. And the best thing about it: It remains stress-free for you and us!

That's how

service & repair

works with

pipe robox

1. Take the device out of operation and disconnect it from the supply unit
2. You unscrew the module to be serviced/repaired and remove it
3. Remove the new module from the pipe robox
4. Unscrew the plastic protective covers of the new module and screw them to the module to be serviced/repaired
5. Observe the enclosed instructions of the new module, carry out all steps of the instructions
6. Now screw the new module to the equipment at the same place where the module to be serviced/repaired was originally located
7. Your device is now ready for use again
8. Pack the module to be serviced/repaired into the pipe robox and send it to us by Fedex, DHL, TNT or other transport company of your choice

If you participate in our "quick&easy" refurbishment program the work is done for you! We will contact you soon after receiving the module and let you know the result of the assessment. If it is normal wear and tear, then the cost of servicing is covered by your service contract. If it is damage caused by improper handling or an accident, we will charge you for the repair to restore the module to working order. You may be reimbursed for these costs by your insurance company.

If you prefer to get exactly your module back and do not participate in our "quick&easy" refurbishment program, then we will come to you with a cost estimate after assessing the module. In case of damage to the module, you then decide whether you want to buy a new module or a refurbished module or whether you want us to repair your module. The replacement module will of course be made available to you free of charge for the entire duration of the service/repair of your module.

Whenchoosing the "quick&easy" refurbishment program you benefit from:

  • very fast processing - you receive the exchange module and replace the module to be serviced/repaired with it. Your work is done!
  • more favorable conditions - service and repairs are more favorable within the program, because we can take more time with service or repair and there are 50% transport costs saved!
  • a functional guarantee for each module - we guarantee the proper function of all modules for a certain period of time. If a defect should occur within this time without external fault, we take over all costs and you receive a new module!

In principle, all equipment except for the supply unit - the rack of the e-Base - are modular components of the e-Components system.
Simply shipped in cardboard boxes can therefore:

  • operating unit
  • cable reels
  • the individual modules of the e-Cutter
  • the MP-Cam HD

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Do you still have questions?

Are you interested in participating in the "quick&easy" refurbishment program or do you have questions about the pipe robox?
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!