With the e-Base - the supply & control unit - all system devices of the e-Components Series can get supplied and controlled!
For an optimal adaptation of the devices to the respective pipe dimension, the removable cable reel can easily be changed in just a few simple steps.
The wireless operating unit can be fixed in the robust, adjustable holder on the supply unit and is continuously supplied with power.
The new, high-resolution smart glasses enable working in brightest sunshine and in combination with the wireless gamepad controller working feels like a computer-game played in your free time!

With the e-Base - the supply & control unit - all system devices of the e-Components Series can get supplied and controlled!

A solid basis for optimal rehabilitation

The supply & control unit of your Pipe Robotics system is the basis on which you can optimally build on!
Various milling robots as well as a camera can all be operated with this system - saving you not only space, but above all time and money!

The system has the following special features:

Supply: Household socket (230VAC at 5A or 110VAC at 10A)


  • e-Components universal plug (24VDC / 48VDC / data)
  • Charging dock for operating unit (24VDC)
  • LAN jack (Power-over-Ethernet) for power supply and/or network connection with the operating unit or your company network
  • HDMI connection (for second monitor) - outputs the camera image of the attachment as RAW

Operating time: infinite (continuous operation)

Application area: -10 °C to +40 °C | working with Pipe Robotics equipment is therefore possible 365 days a year!

fully electric

Simple power supply via household socket.
Comfortable like a vacuum cleaner, due to the integrated 10m cable reel with spring return.
Silent operation to the delight of your customers or the residents.
Highest comfort for the rehabilitation team.

Wireless control

The system devices (milling robot or camera) are connected to the supply unit via the push cable (stiffness and length depending on pipe dimension and working environment). Optimally, the supply unit is positioned near the cleaning opening. The controlling, by means of operating unit, can be done docked as well as wirelessly!

Full compatibility

Uniform plug connections of all system allow a 100% compatibility of all devices in the e-Components system.
The e-Base can be equipped with various cable reels (with sliding cables of different stiffnesses and lengths). The reel can be exchanged in just a few steps.

Rapid commissioning

From zero to full operational capability in less than 60 seconds!
The Connection of the equipment within e-Components system as well as the start-up procedure are very simple and quick to perform.

Simple logging function

Logging in real time while you are operating!
Videos in Full HD, high resolution Photos and Notes clearly arranged in easy-to-manage protocols.

Die bestandteile der


The e-Base consists of the supply unit, a matching cable reel and the operating unit (handheld)

supply unit


A supply and operating unit for all system devices of the e-Components series. Designed to save weight, with refined aluminum milled parts, it can be transported by just one person. The robust and tiltable holder for the operating unit enables ergonomic working in a standing position while supplying the operating unit with power.

cable reels

The push cables are available in various stiffnesses to match the different pipe dimensions and can be changed in just a few steps. The use of lightweight but robust carbon fiber rods in the sheath of the cables and reels made of refined aluminum means that even a hundred meters of cable can be transported by one person without any problems.

operating unit

Control by means of the operating unit can be both docked and wireless. 110/230V AC adapters as well as a car charger enable the power supply of the control unit while no wired connection to the supply unit is required and thus enable working from a comfortable place. This way you can control your equipment comfortably as never before, in winter from a heated car, in summer from a shady place.

x-perience package

The high-resolution smart glasses with 120 inch screen (virtual image diagonal) let you view the HD image of your equipment in real time and without loss of quality and that in brightest sunshine. Thanks to the frameless design and transparent lenses, you can always keep an eye on the construction site!
The wireless controller gives you maximum operating comfort and haptic feedback in real time. This makes work feel like free time! 

Control panel in the color of your company

Pipe Robotics offers you free of charge to configure the color of the surface of your control unit matching your corporate design!
Therefore basically all RAL colors are possible - bring color into the everyday life of your rehabilitation teams!
Just let us know your color preference when you place your order!

Still questions?

We are gladly available for Questions and detailed information to all offered Pipe Robotics system devices anytime.
Comprehensive consultation and training are essential to understand and operate the systems optimally.