With this multipurpose Full HD camera for the base unit of the e-Components series it is quickly and easy possible to record and document the rehabilitation process as well as to carry out visual inspections for the preliminary or follow-up inspection of the house installation, and a calibration hose can also be pierced to improve the steam flow during steam lining, for example.

Navigate into branches

Thanks to the branch mandrels in various lengths in combination with the infinite rotation, the camera can be pushed specifically into branches easily.

Pierce the calibration hose

With the piercing mandrel a calibration hose be pierced after inserting the lining tube in order to improve the steam flow during steam lining.

Adapter attached in seconds

Due to the quick-change adapters, which only get slid over the camera before connecting it to the sliding cable, the camera can also be used optimally in larger pipe dimensions!

Full compatibility

100% compatible with the e-Components system.
Plug-and-play connection with the e-Base as well as various cable reels with push cables in different stiffnesses and lengths. Optimal conditions for every application - whether robot or camera travel!

Wireless control

All system devices (milling robot or camera) are connected to the supply unit via the push cable (stiffness and length depending on pipe dimensions and working environment). Optimally, the supply unit is positioned near the cleaning opening. The controlling, by means of operating unit, can be done docked as well as wirelessly!

Development according to the requirements of the industry!

In the course of accompanying rehabilitation teams all over Austria, we not only got to know the different systems of pipe rehabilitation, but also different approaches and working techniques. Although these often differ considerably from one another, they all have one thing in common: equipment that enables efficient, clean and speedy work is desirable. Especially when it comes to documentation and visual inspection, the working methods differ considerably. Therefore, Pipe Robotics has also developed a system compatible camera tool which takes on several tasks at once:

Equipped with a high resolution digital camera this attachment is an optimal extension for your system!

Play the recorded photos and videos in realtime in your deployment logs and easily add to your records. Camera inspections help you get an idea of the extent of the damage, inspect lined pipes before milling work and view and inspect all work after the rehabilitation is complete.

The wide-angle lens specially developed by Pipe Robotics saves you the use of an error-prone swivel head - you have the optimum overview in the sewer pipe!

The unwinding of the pushing cable is measured - the length of the pipelines or rehabilitation sections can thus be optimally determined.
A gyroscope integrated in the camera head detects inclinations in the blank and logs them.

Several system-compatible units for different pipe dimensions are available and can be connected ready for operation in just a few steps.

Due to the possibility of 360° rotation as well as the inclined threading mandrel (optional), control is possible easily and without complications in the case of taps!

By simply switching from the steering mandrel to the carbide mandrel, the calibration hose can be opened quickly and easily.

Still questions?

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Comprehensive consultation and training are essential to understand and operate the systems optimally.

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